Django Forme


This is documentation to first pre release. Most of described functionality isn’t implemented yet.


What’s this

django-forme is set of template tags allowing to customize django form’s output. The key idea is that most of customization should be done in template, not in form definition. It also implements form styles which defines default form output based on used template (eg. bootstrap, foundation, etc.)

Working draft

Below are examples showing the planned functionality of app.

  • Render form using default template:

    {% forme form %}
  • Render multiple forms (user_form, profile_form):

    {% forme user_form profile_form %}
  • Replace template for single field:

    {% forme form replace %}
      {% field "password" using %}
        <input name="{{ field.html_name }}" id="{{ field.html_id }}"
               type="text" value="{{ field.value }}" />
      {% endfield %}
    {% endforme %}
  • Override order of fields:

    {% forme form replace %}
      {% field "password" %}
      {% field "username" %}
    {% endforme %}
  • Split fields into fieldsets:

    {% forme form replace %}
      <div class="column-left">
        {% fieldset "username email" %}
      <div class="column-right">
        {% fieldset "password password1" %}
    {% endforme %}

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